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Dear friends and visitors to the Laborlexikon
(Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine),

The laboratory medicine is the "grey eminence" of the medical disciplines.  Despite the activity in the background ("Which patient has ever seen a laboratory doctor/pathologist?") the laboratory medicine is involved in the treatment of the most patients. More than 6000 laboratory parameters allow the detection of the majority of all known diseases. In most cases the results of the tests have influence on therapies or give a hint on the activity of the disease. 

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The Laborlexikon is exclusively under laboratory expert care and an independent source of information about human laboratory methods. In addition to numerous medical specialists, the Laborlexikon gives any interested visitors the ability to search the extensive database for free according to the motto: "Medical specialist knowledge for all!". Due to the complete different orientation and target audience compared with most medical internet pages the medical explanation of the fundamentals and technical terms ist strictly limited. The vast majority of "non-physicians" are, however, especially interested in these complex, unfiltered medical-scientific information, that reach far above the usual and common measure of laymen understanding  (see the facts on this page).

There is a long list of recomended clinics, institutes, publications or administrative bodies which recomend the Laborlexikon on their internet sites (see references)

"We too are Germany!"

In the official portal of the Federal Republic of Germany (www.deutschland.de) the Laborlexikon is listed under the three headings of health, education and science. www.deutschland.de is the central, non-commercial access to Germany on the Internet. It bundles the German Web offers of high-quality Internet portals and is the virtual international calling card for the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Internet portals listed on deutschland.de have all been evaluated by the deutschland.de editorial team on their quality based on such criteria as reliability, informative contents, multi-lingual offer and technical implementation.

Because of numerous other recommendations (now about 30,000 links) by predominantly high quality medical pages the Laborlexikon is now the largest German laboratory medicine platform, and one of the most important German medical resources. At this point I would like to thank all the medical colleagues, professionals, researchers, librarians, journalists and other webmasters of medical websites, who discussed, linked and recommended my website.

Since 27.5.2005 the Internet publication "laborlexikon.de" has an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1860-966X), and thus the international recognition as electronically published medical journal.

Since 21.2.2006 the page is according to the HON-criteria accredited. The Health On the Net (HON) Foundation is the leading organization (NGO) for review and certification of medical Internet resources. The HON Codex sets rules on the subjects: professional qualifications of the authors, the scientific information security, privacy, correctness of the imprint and contact data as well as influence of third parties (eg. advertising).

An advice to patients in medical questions is conditioned to legal reasons not permitted. As much as I respect the concerns and needs of patients, I am not able to reply to individual medical questions.

International presence

At the moment, the LaborlexikonTM only has got a German language presence of the site. It ist planned in future to translate the whole lexicon into English language. Serious, laboratory-/pathology-specialized partners are invited to contact me.


Although conscientious review, the author can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the Laborlexikon. It is the responsibility of the page visitors, to verify the information given through appropriate sources, especially if therapeutic implications pending. The author recommends insistently, that in case of failure to observe the duty of validation no liability can be accepted.

For non-physicians it ist indispensable to clarify medical problems immediately with a physician. The Laborlexikon should and will not replace the visit of a physician. 

In this context, it ist asked kindly to report deficiencies immediately to webmaster@laborlexikon.de  to enable an erratum on the page.

Dr. med. Olav Hagemann

-physician, Specialist for Laboratory Medicine/Pathology-
-specialized medical journalist DFJV-
-author, owner, founder, editor, webmaster of www.laboratory-lexicon.de-

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